Pediatric physiotherapy involves a team of physical therapists specializing in pediatrics, who assist in developing and improving mobility in children, enhancing their safe participation in activities of daily living at home, community, classroom and playground.

Our physical therapists evaluate and treat children presenting with delays in important movement activities such as rolling, creeping and crawling, walking, running; difficulty in playing games and participation in sports. Our therapists also assist children with mobility aids like wheelchair, orthotics and other supports to navigate safely in various environments.

Following Children Are Referred To A Pediatric Physiotherapist:

The ultimate goal of pediatric physiotherapists at our center is to maximize the potential for children to independently function and participate actively in their environment.

To Achieve This Goal, we Provide Intervention Focusing On:

Our physical therapists provide intervention involving various hands-on approaches and principles of strength and endurance training, making exercise fun by playing with purpose to enhance the capabilities on the child and improve his physical performance and function.