Speech Therapy

All about Speech Therapy

Communication is what differentiates us from animals. The ability to express or needs,wants, emotions and feelings is what being human is all about.Speech therapy is more than words. We often believe that the only goal to be achieved through speech therapy is talking, but the reality goes beyond talking. Nodding your head and saying now, extending your hand to be lifted up or to demand for a toy, smiling when we see our parents are all essential signs of communication & the first and foremost goal of speech therapy should always be to encourage communication. Language is a byproduct of the ability to understand and comprehend language. 

Speech therapy is not errorless learning..it is active engage to encourage the child to express himself and create opportunities for learning. Speech therapy is more than play, we encourage the child to use language and social cues to engage in active communication and a lot of times if that is not the case due to the presence of other problems that may hamper the ability to be effective¬† verbal communicators we also actively train the child to use technology that helps him communicate. The ability to communicate our needs, wants, feelings and emotions is one of our fundamentals constitutional rights and as speech therapist we make sure than no barrier can take that power away from them. The goal is to help them communicate to the best of their ability. And we must remember we cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb tree. Let’s be more inclusive and support the children with speech needs in their journey to be better communicators